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    Theres one or two players at the moment not playing well or they well over complicate it
    Now tin hat goes on but Hughes. Young and learning I agree but why why why does he slow the game not to a snails pace ?. He basically puts his foot on top of the ball and stops it dead and lets the opposition set their defensive positions up, why ??.

    At least Kerr when in possession either passes it early or moves himself left & right moving the opposition players in front of him left and right so he can try and look for gaps.

    Adeeko & M.Smith
    Please tell me are they acting centre halfs ?. So we’re playing it out from the back and Smith and Adeeko are in a back 6 playing it out along side of Hughes and Kerr.
    This means we’ve no midfield in the centre circle or abouts no one bar Assguard and Kelman and 10 Cheltenham outfield players hence the Hughes 40 yard cross field ball to the wings is our only option.

    All night we were heavily outnumbered in the middle due to these 2 midfielders p!ssin around bringing it out from the back, fookin why ?.

    The clues in the players position name “midfield”, ffs leave the “bringing it out from the back” to the back 2 or left n right back there’s no need for M.Smith & Adeeko to form a daisy chain holding hands with Hugh’s and Kerr.

    Basically if our midfield sit so deep how the hell do we set up an attack?. You then become totally reliant on your widemen and if the opposition double up on them (which Cheltenham did) you can’t get service to Kelman.

    The use of subs,
    Why do we always make 3-4 in one go ?, it’s because the manager never gets his starting 11 right. Tom Pearce thrown straight in on a cold evening ??. Sorry Maloney you got that 1000000% wrong. He needs to be weaned in sub bench first he was never going to be up to speed.
    S.Smith needs to start, in his 10 Minutes on the pitch he got in more dangerous positions than Assguard M.Smith and Adeeko did all their combined minutes on the pitch.

    So weres it going wrong ? or should I say the consistency. For me it’s not so much the players it’s how their used and the negative slow methodical boring tactics so for me the problem lies at the managers door.

    I’m not a lover of Magennis but with Cheltenham’s Davis at the back it was always going to be a physical battle so why not start him?, it’s not rocket science.

    There’s so much chopping and changing with the starting 11 and subs we have never a settled 11, never.

    The build up play at times beggars belief. It’s as though we’re waiting teams to part like Moses parted the sea then we can waltz through unchallenged.

    Again, as soon as we play sides like Cheltenham we struggle, at times physical at the back moan time waste hence when we play teams who try to play the game we do better.

    One last thing, at least we have an extra days rest for Tuesday. Our season boils down to f**king up their