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    If we are going to play it our from the back midfielders need to be ready to receive it then either give it back and move or try to go forward or look ahead
    If your midfield sit so fcukin deep you can’t see the tops of their heads who the fcuk recieves it ?. I’m sorry Aasgaard is a good player but a luxury player.
    Right now we’re missing that something different a bit of steel say Shaw back just a bit of physicality.
    I heard someone say going over the bridge:
    “That Kelmans is useless” and that sums up one or two who can’t see why he struggled woods for the trees comes to mind.

    For a forward to bag a few goals he needs playmakers making things happen for him, that’s something we certainly don’t have.
    Haaland would have struggled against Cheltenham. I’m not sure wtf Maloney trains them to do but if it’s keep the ball at all cost he’s even getting that wrong.
    The only shining light is Chambers. He was actually head and shoulders above the rest. And it’s about time Cze got more game time. At least he tries to go forward and get in those positions.

    What is Maloney seeing ?? Does he not see what we all see ???. It’s the mirror image of the Martinez sides, I’m doing it my way regardless,

    God help us