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    Most games are won and lost in the midfield area, it sets up an attack and helps the defence, right now were losing that battle in the middle and players are out of position.
    M.Smith doesn’t look right to me after coming back in and although Adeeko is quick (hence why he’s in there) he loses the ball far too much.

    We need our midfield to play in the middle as a unit and get the ball forward quicker. The “playing it out from the back” I understand that theory it’s done to draw teams out and open the pitch up create space but if opposing sides sit back in their half allowing us to waltz to the half way line unchallenged and we move forward like Toby Tortoise then all’s your doing is compressing 18 or so players into the opposing teams half.

    Over the past few weeks we conceded a barrel load of goals from sides taking pot luck shots which have deflected in. Bad luck on our part? I guess so but we’ll never have similar luck because you have to shoot first something were scared to do from outside the box. Is that the manager wanting it played in I don’t know but we had 2 shots on target which says alot for a home side.

    It’s a belt n braces style of football were playing right now, its all about building from the back, trying to draw teams out, create space in and around the back of them but sadly it ain’t working. It might work at Barcelona or City but it’s failing badly at Wigan as teams basically sit deep or high press and we revert to Hughes’s 40 yard cross field ball.

    The first things I’d sort on the training pitch Monday is:-
    Hughes, when in possession from the back if there’s nothing on move with the ball into space allowing the midfield our move upfield not stand at the side of you or pass it quickly no fcukin doo dallying like your have a minute,FFS if he goes any slower choosing what to do next they’ll have to prompt nudge.

    DO NOT under any circumstance stop dead and put your foot on the ball while you have a butchers. If there’s nothing on move or shift the ball but keep it moving and at pace.

    Midfielders ?, DO NOT when we are playing it out from the back be at the side of our defenders get in front of them ready to receive the ball. If your at the side who tf’s gonna receive it ???.
    Hughes needs to shake this horrible habit of stopping dead while he scouts a pass because he’s basically killing any tempo or momentum.

    All’s I can say is, up the tempo, be brave going forward, take more chances, and you can shoot from the edge of the box if it’s on, you never know