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    REPLYING TO EDWARDS…cock up whilst posting.

    Mate, I’ve been going since 86 and went all through the early 90s, Swain Era. Never missed a game.

    But I’ve realised, and I know there are a lot more of the old school Latics who have realised that there is more to life than football. Everyone will see in the summer if there is any ambition in the Club at all. People keep saying Baloney will be able to sign players…hmm, yeah let’s see.

    Crowds are dropping off rapidly. Loads from around where I sit…ST holders…have jibbed it and haven’t been going to matches. Its as entertaining as watching a door close.

    I haven’t enjoyed going for a while, with all that’s happened, for me the old Latics that I supported is long gone. I know others feel the same. Its not the same club. Same badge, same colours. But not the same club.