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    And so VAT after all those years you must know that losing games is part and parcel of following the Tics, and so should not affect your life too much. We all cry on the inside when we lose, we’ll I do anyway!

    This season is turning out exactly or even better than most people predicted, This current form of inconsistency is how young teams develop, and as supporters we need to stick with them to play our part to help them develop. If we’re not up for that we’re following the wrong team and should sell our soul to Manure.

    Every manager has to gamble. Every team selections, substitution, transfer and many other decisions is a roll of the dice. And we would all bet differently in hindsight.
    Maloney has a relatively weak hand and so some of his gambles don’t come off, but some do. There’s not exactly a que at the door door of managers who’ve never made a mistake us there?

    But I’m wasting my time saying all this.

    At Springfield Park the likes of of young Jewell, Newell, Langley, Cook and others were regularly barracked for any mistake, so some things never change.