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    I like Kerr but I’ve a feeling he’s either got some underlying niggling injuries probably from long term inactivity or he’s already sorted a long term deal back up in Scotland.

    Kerr did mention something in the press about proving his fitness first so I’d tend to think he needs to prove to the club everything’s fine before any contract negotiations are even considered.

    Another thing as well, he’s just turned 27 so his next contact will be his money spinner say a 3-4 year deal that will set him up for his years after football and I don’t think we’ll be able to pay him enough.

    It’s going to be interesting how much Maloney will have to play with. I think it will be pittance far less than similar size clubs.

    I hope I’m wrong and Danson see’s Maloney as the one who can push us towards Championship football and he gives him a few bob I just have a feeling he won’t