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      Rumour has it Maloney will be meeting with the powers above (whoever the fook they are) to sort out a few contracts that are pending this summer now we’re virtually safe:-


      All the above players contracts are due to expire in the summer.

      Me ?, only two from the above would be offered new deals, Jones & McManaman the rest I’d let go but I’m sure Maloney will give his teachers pet a deal, Magennis which I don’t quite get because he won’t be on peanuts.

      Then there’s 3 more due in 12 months time that the club might also want to take a look at.
      I think from the list above most will have already made their minds up and arrangements are already in place to leave full well knowing their current contract wages will be slashed.

      Then the loans, well we can all dream but Chambers would be worth a cheeky offer and I like Morrison, I think he’ll become a v.g. defender.Kelman? Would he like a move? poss

      But when you look at the list of players who could be potentially leaving in the summer and who will be going back on loan sadly for us it’s another full rebuild job once again which ain’t good at all.

      In theory we should be retaining and building but sadly high wages is the key issue here and some big hitters need to go.

      I might have say kept Pearce but his personal injury list doesn’t bode well so I’m sure he’ll be gone.

      When you take into consideration what some of those players are currently on Wyke Kerr Magennis Pearce Jones Humphrys once they’ve gone or took a massive wage drop and retained (whichever) I think Maloney will have some movement in the transfer kitty that’s only if Danson doesn’t bring the axe down on the aftermath budget and lower even more to a non breathable amount that suffocates Maloney to the point were he can’t bring in the type of player he wants due to wage restrictions.

      This were I feel we’ve gone wrong. We should have something that resembles a scouting system starting to be put in place at least building blocks in view but by all accounts were using FIFA on the PS5

      I know one thing, no clubs player carousel goes as fast as ours in the summer window. We can shift 12+ in the blink of an eye and keeping up with the ins and outs is a mare.

      The one person who will be rubbing his hands come the summer is the shirt printing guy, he’ll be made up once again

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        Agree with Cal Mc and JJ but I’d also love to see Kerr stay. He’d be captain for me if he stays

        Unfortunately I suspect the only one who will fit the budget is Macca

        cup winnerscup winners

          I like Kerr but I’ve a feeling he’s either got some underlying niggling injuries probably from long term inactivity or he’s already sorted a long term deal back up in Scotland.

          Kerr did mention something in the press about proving his fitness first so I’d tend to think he needs to prove to the club everything’s fine before any contract negotiations are even considered.

          Another thing as well, he’s just turned 27 so his next contact will be his money spinner say a 3-4 year deal that will set him up for his years after football and I don’t think we’ll be able to pay him enough.

          It’s going to be interesting how much Maloney will have to play with. I think it will be pittance far less than similar size clubs.

          I hope I’m wrong and Danson see’s Maloney as the one who can push us towards Championship football and he gives him a few bob I just have a feeling he won’t

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            And while we’re on the subject of contracts if Dansons happy with Maloney’s work then he needs to convince him to stay as he’s linked with Watford.
            Only the desperate and the needy take that 6 month temporary job

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