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    Maloney needs to go at the end of the season end of!

    Otherwise we will be having these conversations again next season, fans have said now we are almost safe with 50 points he’ll take the shackles off the players and let them play I for one doubted he would and yesterday proved me right.

    He’s now over 12 months in to the job and we haven’t progressed on bit even with the players HE brought in himself, anyone that makes 4 or 5 changes per game and makes 5 substitutions doesn’t fill me with confidence, the guy is so far out of his depth its unbelievable.

    The only reason he’s still here is because he is cheap and Danson knows he will have to stump up a bit more cash for a decent manager.

    Thanks for your services Shaun close the door behind you!

    Fuck the EFL