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    What I saw was a side hell bent on getting it wide to Humphrys and J.Smith who both struggled and when they did get a ball in on the rare occasion there was no one in there to finish it off.

    We’ve a disjointed midfield not playing together and rarely played as a midfield unit. And worse when out of possession struggle to win it back especially Assguard and M.Smith who couldn’t tackle me nan. but the main one massive issue we have is :-

    We do not have a forward, period,

    We have no threat what so ever up front. We need that one guy who can get you a goal out of nothing, a handful. Kelman offered little against Burton and Magennis, well say no more on him, when he comes on it’s like going down to 10 men.

    On the very few occasions we tried to 1-2 it through the middle Burton were left flat footed and I thought wow were mixing it up but Maloney prefers the width route and it wasn’t long before normal play resumed and we started pinging it out wide.

    Thing is if the opposition double up on our wingers/widemen were fcuked cause our players are simply not good enough so the ball comes back to the defense and the slow build up starts again. This happens far to often.

    It’s like Maloney’s waiting for the opposition to part like Moses and the Read sea and if they don’t go back,groundhog day football.

    Crossing from wide is great that’s if you have men in the box but when we did get the ball in most of the time the ball fizzes through a host of defenders box with no one in there.

    Look I’d love him the stay and what he’s done with limited resources is nothing short of a miracle but I’m not loving what I’m currently seeing, not one bit.

    I left with 10 minutes to go something I rarely rarely do and even if we had of hit a 94th minute winner I wouldn’t have cared one iota as it wouldn’t have made up for the 93 minutes of gross football. I would have just shrugged my shoulders and said “Oh well, there you go”.

    The answer ? I’m not paid or skilled enough I’m nothing more than a fan, an observer from the stands but tbh, it’s boring to watching. Whatever Maloney does he has to try and play attractive football, give us fans something to talk about after because currently I leave the ground saying nothing.

    We desperately need a forward, a threat, someone who can get 10-15 and put fear into opposition defenders.
    We are toothless, zero threat from any of our forwards. If there’s one position Danson needs to splash the cash on it’s a forward but I think if he does it will come at the expense of Tickle or Hughes leaving.

    On one hand I’m happy and grateful I’m going to watch us after what we’ve been through but right now I’m thinking I’m not too arsed I’m here and it’s not entertaining. Yes we get results,yes we’re safe, but to do this entertainment value is 0/10 utter dross.
    I saw guys with kids there yesterday, hopefully our future fans,
    But “Quid a Kid” ?
    I wouldn’t be surprised if a few rang up today for a 50p refund.

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