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    When you say “hand in his pocket” I agree and disagree.
    Yes we need that bit of quality for me a forward but we have to be ultra careful with our spending due to our history of overspending.
    I even remember the Steve Bruce days who put players the likes of Sibierski Melchiot Bramble on astronomical top 10 Prem club wages and eventually Martinez was given the job to clear the huge unsustainable wage bill down.

    We can’t keep relying on owners and their wallet because when at the end of the day when it dries up or clipped shut were back in the same boat. I mean, how many more Whelans and Danson’s are out there who’s prepared to plough money in with zero chance of a return ?.

    We have to recruit and recruit well basically cherry pick youth players from our big 4 neighbors.

    Looking back, we’ve picked up tonnes of young lads who’ve done brilliant then moved on for decent money the likes of McManaman and Baines and even Hughes falls into that bracket I think it’s what we have to resurrect and super quick.

    We need a Chief Executive and a team of scouts paid to find potential young lads. I understand not every young lad will make it, granted but for me it’s our only option.

    As I stated before, I’d sooner gamble on a youth set up than a stupid 3 year £10k a week £1.5-£2million player deal.