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As I posted some weeks ago.
I recall an early season interview with SM; probably after the good start against Derby & Bolton.
He said the first objective was to overcome the 8 point deduction and to reach mid table safety. When asked “what then ?” the response was “let’s just see how far we can take it”. So I don’t agree that the only thing in his mind was survival.
Maybe, Danson has told him to take the foot of the gas because he wants a progressive financial curve and not a vertical take off !

After the Bolton game at Horwich, I wandered home in the sunshine thinking that if we keep up that type of performance we can easily reach the play offs. One swallow did make summer, because I can’t really think of any other memorable performance this season.

Okay, so next season we will really see what SM is made of. Damn well hope it’s more exciting than this season :scratch: :scratch: :scratch: