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    Well it’ll be a very dangerous game for the club to play if all they do is look to pick up freebies and loans again.
    The ST sales are going to drop. A lot of ST holders this season haven’t been coming to games, the odd game here and there. I reckon they’ll drop by a couple of thousand next season. The football that’s been on offer and looks like still being on offer next season, is hardly exciting and not going to attract people.
    I’m not renewing and I’ve had a ST since 1986. I just can’t bring myself to commit again to every home game. Truth us, I’ve lost interest and don’t really enjoy going anymore. I know we’ve had a bad time with ownerships and all that, but this apparent ‘lack of ambition’ and the belief that Danson etc will be happy to just see us tick along as a mid table ‘also can’t League one club…sorry, I can’t go along with that.

    It works both ways. If some sensible investment is made to strengthen and we are a team pushing for around the play offs and above, that’s going to attract more people to games. Ultimately, if we then got promoted to the Championship, the majority of teams will come and bring 4 or 5 thousand away fans. More income. We keep being told we need to be run sensibly and efficiently, but we need buns on seats to do that and with how things are, thats not going to happen. Some ambition is going to have to be shown. This season we’ve been done over by some really mediocre sides, nothing sides who’ve come and beat us. Stevenage being an example. Support has dropped this season and it will drop again.