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    Outside the ground today and Sean Clare walked past, all grinning and laughing. I said to my lad “see him then, that’s what’s wrong, they’re just picking a wage up. If that was me at 2.40, I’d be somewhere in the club with a solemn expression, pissed off that I wasn’t playing.” They aren’t arsed this lot.

    My youngest lad has lost interest in playing football and has switched to Rugby League. I said to him “if Wigan ever want you, would you want to play for them?” Being loyal to Latics, he said “no”. I told him off and said “no, I’d want you to play for them, you’d be stupid not to.” But this is part of the knock on effect from this absolute turdfest what Maloney is churning out.

    I’ve had enough of him, and his aftermatch comments. It’s absolute crap, that’s what it is. 9 years to the day that Malky Mackay was sacked…the fans turned on him. Why is Maloney not being turned on? Because he has history with us?

    Hes never a manager in the memory of man. I honestly believe I could do a better job with these players. His tactics and set up is shite. They don’t even look fit enough.

    Coyle, Mackay, Joyce, Kolo The Klown…they were no worse than Maloney. He needs getting shut of as soon as possible, or the crowds are going to drop drastically next season.

    Club goes on about being self sufficient and managed carefully. We’ll if they want bums on seats they’ll have to change things and improve what’s on offer.

    How the f*** some folk stood clapping that at the end today, I’ll never know.

    And how the club can have the absolute cheek to be putting things out about this ‘Future Fund’ thing, I’ll never know. Anybody signing upto such a thing has to have a screw loose.

    Whole club is a proper mess.