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    I would just like to point out something small I spotted yesterday but to me it was significant as to why things are so wrong at the moment,

    There’s 93.20minutes on the clock it’s 0-0 and Goode receives the ball from Tickle, firstly why?,

    And again their lies the problem with us,

    Tickle should be waving his arms for everyone to get up top then hoof a Hail Mary with 30seconds to go you just never know.

    But no, he gives the ball to Goode,

    Goode then looks left looks right rolls the ball with his studs then another quick look then suddenly he then sees a Port Vale player 5 yards away offering no threat, he inturn sh!ts himself so he decides to slowly passes the ball sideways,

    Ref blows for fulltime

    Would we have scored wacking it upfield with 40seconds to go ? probably not but I know one thing you won’t know unless you try.

    So if Tickle doesn’t hoof it Goode a so called experienced centre half should be barking at everyone to get up top then wack it you just never know.

    That for me sums up Latics at the moment playing a certain way to the letter of the law and players not thinking off the cuff. We were happy to take a point rather than give it one last punt.
    Again I’m confused
    Is that the fault of the manager or the fault of both Tickle and Goode ?

    There was at least 20 people sat near me screaming for Goode to launch it,

    If we can see it why can’t Goode and the manager not ?