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    Like I said, I never caught the whole game but there’s a few things I noticed from just watching the J.Smith goal:-

    Lincoln had 5 men in our half on a high press when we started the passing movement that led to the goal, that was based the limited highlights there was, I’m sure there was a few more passes.

    There was 11 passes before J.Smith scored
    Only 4 went backwards
    And 4 passes were 1 touch passes straight through the heart of the midfield.
    There was no rolling the ball with the top of the studs followed by a 40 yard Hughes Hail Mary

    And why did this work ?
    Lincoln high pressed and wanted to win the game. If they win the ball in the last 3rd their instantly on the offensive.

    Most of this season the lower / poorer sides just dug their heels in deep the counter attacked and Maloney stuck with the same plan “out it from the back” when the opposition simply watched on in their half not biting.

    For me L1 is the “No Mans Land League”. It’s were some decent size clubs fall foul of dropping out the a Championship followed by a mass clearout of high earning players. They are normally clubs who truly shouldn’t be in League One let’s say the likes of Ipswich, Leeds Sheff Utd just to name a few.

    Then you might get a non-league side hitting the heights making it to L1 after a few seasons and the only way they can survive is to dig is not by playing it out from the back they revert to digging their heels in and spoiling you into submission.

    And this exactly why Maloney needs to adapt our tactics game by game.

    You cannot play the same way against a Burton that won’t press and wave an invasion card from their half as apposed to say an inform Lincoln who high press, try and win the ballup the field and are out to the game from the off.

    Maloney needs a plan B so when the lesser/poorer sides decide to put the onus on us to come at them we can take advantage and implement plan B and plan A is for another day.

    It’s as clear as day to you and me and has been all season and for me has cost us a play off spot.

    I’m not sure why Maloney insist on instructing the players to roll it around the back, dangling the carrot hoping the opposition will take the bait when their clearly not interested in coming for it.

    That for me is Maloney’s achilles heel, hes adopted the Martinez style. Now that might be fine at a higher level were you don’t have as many dig your heels in sides but like I pointed out, in L1 its chalk and cheese from the top sides to bottom sides hence which we e found out.

    If Maloney gets the backing from Danson and he brings in the right type of all round player and he can adapt his tactics to suit the opposition then he has a very good chance of taking us out this league.

    Will this happen next season ? footballing heart says We’ll p*ss it
    Footballing head says 2- 3 seasons before were anywere near.

    This is the dilemma, will he get the time and funds ?. In our case which is like no other Maloney has to be given alot longer simply because of his first year clearout of the big earners and transfer embargo.

    I keep repeating myself (sorry) I’m not hear to slate him I really want him to do well I truly do, who doesn’t !! but he cannot keep implementing the one style of play especially in this league, it clearly does not work

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