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    I totally agree runcorn, or Danson goes chequebook barmy which is not going to happen.
    The problem we have is building a squad. Maloney needs to sign players not just loans and short contracts and as we all know that comes at a price, players don’t do zero hours.

    He has to sign so their here for at least 2 years or how can he build if every year 12-14 players are moving on ?

    Maloney has to find players, cheap and decent but there’s so many other clubs after the exact same thing

    We certainly don’t want over the hill players carrying a full to the brim medical journal and their last big pay day like we currently have now.

    Maloney’s budget will not be signing on fee money it will be wages which inturn makes his job very very difficult finding the right player/s.

    Were gonna need an awful lot of luck in the transfer market. I also think we should to tap into other areas and dip our toe into non-league and say the Irish League and make calculated gambles on up and coming young players.

    I know one thing, I wouldn’t like Maloney’s job and the pressure that will come with it in June
    Good luck to the guy he’ll need it