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    Based on the total transformation in our last two games and the style of football we’ve played we now know and can 100% confirm that the players are indeed up for the challenge.

    By beating a Lincoln side who have now lost just once in 19 and Portsmouth who have lost once in 18 it’s confirmed the manager has got it oh so wrong for the best part of this season.

    For the last 2 games we’ve played a more attacking style of football. No more slow tippy tappy football half way line sideways back football (well far less), we’ve changed to moving the ball with purpose and at pace and shooting as soon as we get half a sniff.

    And not just that, our players look far far more comfortable playing this way, playing with no fear.

    Why oh why oh why has Maloney suddenly woke up and smelt the coffee? it just doesn’t make sense. It’s been a joy to watch these last two games but on the same token its just sad its took 45 games to get to this point.

    Now he just needs to be adaptable against lesser sides who’s sole purpose is to dig their heels in. If Maloney can then there’s a future for him. If we’re to build then those utter garbage laughable performances need to stop and stop now

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