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    Agree he is learning his trade but to learn your trade you have to make sure you learn from your mistakes and I personally don’t feel like he’s doing that.
    There’s been too many occasions were time after time we’ve thrown games away against the lesser sides and for me it’s been tactics.
    As for the shackles ?, I honestly don’t think the transfer ban lift will make a difference. I don’t think Danson will provide funds to pay for signing on fees instead Maloney’s budget will be made up of a wages budget.
    Players that come in will be made up of,
    end of contract,
    released players,
    and youth.

    I just cannot see Danson splashing the cash let’s hypothetically say I a £200,000 player then his wages when that money can pay for the wages alone for a year or 2.

    If we had no ban I’m sure Danson wouldn’t have allowed Maloney to buy anyone not after what we’ve been through