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Have season tickets for myself and older granddaughter and got the free one for 5 year old. Eldest went through turnstile with season ticket…..youngers ticket wouldn’t scan. Jobsworth on turnstile examined ticket, concluded barcode was faded and point blank refused admission. I was F####### blazing.Told me to walk round to ticket office with the little one whilst oldest was in ground. I kicked a stink up and refused to move until a man who seemed to be watching the turnstiles for issues took charge. Examined ticket, photographed it then led us to corner of east Stand and through access doors. He was brilliant and so polite. Women on turnstile was a complete dick.

Sorry you’ve had the same experience as me, but proves there were serious problems “today” with both the ticket entry system and the staffing.

I’ve sent in a complaint and will be pursuing the matter much further if I’m not compensated.