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    Wages was the major stumbling block and it needed to be culled asap.As for Humphrys?, for me it was the correct decision.
    I didn’t see enough to warrant a new contract on a similar amount of money which let’s face it, it wouldn’t be peanuts.

    Humphrys blew very hot and cold and at 26 I’m sure he’d be wanting a min 3 year if not 4 year deal on the same kind of money which wouldn’t be good business for us.

    He’s never going to command a decent sell on fee if we ever decided to sell.
    Don’t get me wrong he’s a v.good League One player but at what cost to us ? and if we were to go up ? he’s not Championship level simples.

    Many a week Humphrys would run with the ball and have it taken off him quite easily and he wasn’t the best at tracking back.

    Yes he is a good player but is he worthy of been one of our top earners for the next few years ?, for me most definitely not.

    As mentioned, who will we get ?. Well the market place is a far better place right now for lower league clubs.

    Good lower league players are no longer able to command the stupid wages in today’s financial climate like they did 2-3 years ago basically due to the fact that most clubs have had to cut their cloth to suit or go out of business and were no different.

    Those 5 released playerst will save us roughly £2.5million+ a year in wages that’s the equivalent to 10 players on £5k a week. I’m sure we can find some half decent young hungry players with hopefully good sell on potential.

    My only real shock was the dessimation of the young lads some were so called half decent prospects but that doesn’t seem to be the case.
    I think J.Jones will be the next to go along with Kerr again wages and bonuses we can I’ll afford been the stumbling block.
    As for Magennis ? thank the Lord he’s gone. Between us and Bolton he played 150 games scoring 19 times, 12 goals in 95 games for us which simply isn’t good enough for the money he was on. I’d sooner give Stones a go and try bring someone in as cover.

    A m8 just said Max Powers a free agent and I think that would be a clever signing in this league experience we desperately need at this level.

    Now it’s down to Danson now the decks are cleared and him and Maloney need to thrash out a signing on fee budget and a wages budget. If Maloney’s not given enough funds to build a squad over the next 2 windows (especially this summer) then I’m afraid he won’t even make the 2nd window it’s all important we sign not just an army of loanees as they all have to go back.

    This is were we need the correct scouting setup built asap. Our scouting system is non existent. If we don’t get that right and with little money on the table then get ready for a min 5 year stay in League One.

    You can’t take it with you Danson we all go in the same box you know