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    No one expects millions billions to be spent it ain’t gonna happen and I certainly dont expect a hot fix. I’ve always said the season after next will be when we should be challenging this season coming should be about building for the season after.

    I’ve never expected him to go checkbook crazy it doesn’t work. I just want Maloney to be given the tools now that he’s proved himself by comfortably keeping us up and on breadcrumbs.

    But let’s not get carried away here hey with some having short term memory loss. Some of those performances last season were absolutely fookin shite. Constantly playing Magennis was taking the urine. Maloney did the job granted but we have to massively improve against the lesser opponents which means Maloney needs to adapt to those more direct sides long bal etc.

    So getting back to Maloney, if the right player comes up – back him. Maloney’s knows he ain’t gonna get the £1million players he’s not daft. It will be more about bringing in players and backing his judgement wages wise.
    Again, it’s far too early to make judgement call on Danson’s backing of the manager we’ll save for when the window closes.
    My only concern is gambling on players with an awful fitness history, steer clear I say fit young n hungry who’ll be willing to learn and will run through brick walls for the club

    That’s all we want, you show to us fans you love the club favor returned

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