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    Look I think vhe’s had an op Feb 23 and played how many times?. This is a lad Liverpool could pay up to £6Million for at a very very young age.

    I want him to come here and blitz off 30+ games and be another James that’s for sure but I just have my reservations.
    If he was ready and fit to go (I mean injury free) do you not think such a highly rated youngster would head for the Championship rather than an L1 ?.

    Luke Chambers came granted but I don’t think he is anywhere near as highly rated as this lad.
    All’s I’m saying is I hope he doesn’t come then break down, 5 games in 2 years at such a young age says something’s not right and its a red flag for me.
    We can ill afford to take risks on such a small tight budget.
    Then there’s this this Chris Conn-Clarke were so called linked with. 22 years old something like 6 clubs 11goals before he has 1 good season and only played in the lower leagues ?. On about glam n glitz it up.
    Bidding war ?? I doubt it