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    Hindley blueHindley blue

      Since we got into the Premiership we have had a style of play which although perhaps not the most technical or gifted worked with the players we had. It was based on hard work closing down and fighting like hell for every ball with Cattermole and Brown kicking everything that moved.

      Bob wants to change our style of play but I question if our players have the capability to play like that at this level? We would all like to see us passing the ball free flowing football plenty goals etc but when playing the likes of United you have to be able to dig in. We seem to have lost that!!!!!!

      I know it’s early days but having witnessed the last 2 games I’m worried as I can’t see our next 3 points on the horizon


        Know where yer coming from but there are worse than us in this league. We are capable of another Villa performance and maybe our style suits playing away.

        psklpaul tymon

          How i see it, when we played wolves they didnt let us play thats why we lost, today man u let us play first half but we have not got the quality to finish them off, second half utd stepped it up and we couldnt cope, and that was a well below par utd team, and they scored 5 goals in 45 mins very worrying

          mudhutterPaul Connah

            i think a 4-4-2 with scotland and starting sinclair would be alot better, a bit of strength up front and speed on the attack just what we have been missing and its sat on the bench!

            Old_WolfDave Carter

              I have to say we’ve looked a bit livelier with Scotland on and playing the traditional 4-4-2. There’s no reason why you can’t play a passing game and have two forwards on the pitch. Whether the two we have will prove good enough is another matter.

              mudhutterPaul Connah

                It was the same against Wolves, Scotland came on and we looked lively and sinclair nearly scored if we had them on from the beginning in a 4-4-2 could of been a different game although Mancienne was brilliant for Wolves that night.


                I would go for 4-4-2 as well.

                King (if we have no other striker)

                Stefan BidstrupBen Cole

                  Reminds me of when Chris Hutchings took over and tried to get us playing some football but there was no end product.

                  Also the defence at the minute looks so nervous because they are trying to implement this passing game but aren’t doing the basics right (like smacking the ball into row z when required!).

                  Hope we play a full strength team at blackpool to try and get some confidence up.

                  thtyoneyearswafctrevor hoy

                    ffs we are all good at championship manager :roll: :roll: :roll:


                      From the games so far it seems obvious that the back 4 plus Kirkland are struggling to come to terms with looking to play a decent pass all the time, seems to be making them nervous rather than concentrating on doing the basics and being hard to beat.

                      The other main problems seem to be that Gomez in particular, looks good in possession but can be knocked off the ball too easily and the team as a whole play a neat passing game but don’t yet move the ball around quickly enough to cause teams problems.

                      ffs we are all good at championship manager :roll: :roll: :roll:

                      I’m not, I’m bobbins at that, too :cry:

                      Squire Manny BrownBB

                        I reckon the name of this thread just about sums us up at the momemt.

                        We all know that we currently have a squad with many new faces , but more importantly many inexperienced unproven Prem players. As soon as Utd scored their first on Saturday , I was sure that was us done for. I looked at our players and they were all walking back into position , heads down & immediately looking like a beaten team.

                        What we need , urgently, is a leader on the pitch. Mario is a captain in name only. We need someone who ,when we do go a goal down ,the players can look to for some leadership & inspiration.

                        At the moment there is none whatsoever. Score first against Wigan and you’ve won the game.

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