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    MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

      Grief Power got totally out of order…..Sat next to loads of alcopop fueled ball bags who’ve only known success. From 1st to last minute they were non stop in their foul mouthed,uneducated abuse levelled at the players. One was that pissed 4 times he fell into me until I moved him along. Were all pissed off, and yes we were dire but Power for one always gives 100% and that’s all I ask for at present. He obviously took offence to whatever was said and came over to have his say. Some of the pricks abuse was the worst I’ve heard …..at one point I pointed out the exit and told them they can always F### off . I’ve always enjoyed the away days and maybe it’s natural to be protective of my 14 year old granddaughter but some of these scrotes show no respect whatsoever and i seem to be permanently moving seats to avoid them.At Sheffield one grabbed her bottle of coke from top of her handbag and started swigging it then passing to his cronies…..straw,camel …..grabbed bottle,pushed him away and ripped him a new one. So the abuse dished out shouldn’t be reflective of the majority of our support just some vermin who if Power had done a Cantona……would fill their Under Armours !!!!


        Totally agree with this post. Train to Sheffield last week was a nightmare with all the pissed up 16 year twitter warriors

        And I said the same around me. Power is the wrong one to abuse. Struggling on the pitch but never goes hiding

        cup winnerscup winners

          I was in Blackpool early doors and these young burberry scarf wearing yoof were marching round the streets with pint pots in their hands.
          The early train had 100s on it and a fair few of them on it. I was abit taken back with some of the sh1t been thrown at the players.
          Then I heard our fans sing:

          “How shit must you be, your only winning one nil !”,
          No matter how bad we are I won’t stoop to direct player abuse.
          Max Power ?, I hear allorts about him but there’s one thing you can’t deny is his energy and passion. Yes he’s no Pirlo or Gerrard but if he were he wouldn’t fcukin be here if he was.
          He certainly doesn’t need that kind of abuse. Strange subs Fletcher for Whatmough ?? I know he shuffled things about but sure Caulker would have been a straight swap but I suppose Fletcher had to get his hour of nothing in or we pay.

          I just want the season to end because that yesterday was as bad as you get, we were shockingly bad.

          But back to the abuse and idiots?, Yep their def on the increase and next year and smaller less Policed grounds it’s gonna get worse,
          Their goal was 2 yard off side but that sums up our season

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        Forums Latics Crazy Forum Abuse yesterday…