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      I’m not one bit surprised to see our huge losses before Danson took over, we can count our lucky stars Danson did step in.
      Money wasted on huge player contracts and paying off managers and backroom staff all advised by that prick Brannigan led blind and nieve owners down the path of doom and sent the club into back to back administration.

      If you pay someone for their advise and expertise into a business and culture like football that you basically have no idea about and that person fails bigtime who do you blame ? the owners for getting their guy wrong or the guy who hand out money by the barrow load. No doubt all those agents gladly returned that Brannigan favor by pushing big brown envelopes under Brannigans office door.

      Most of the debts were wiped when Danson purchased the club so right now it’s all about getting it right in the summer when the big earners no longer earn their easy corn.

      I feel we have to take a huge chunk of that saved money and set up a scouting system to die for and training facilities that will attract young lads who fall off the radar at the big north west clubs through no fault of their own.
      Not only that, there needs to be a scouting system that will target lower league/non league players who could potentially improve if put in the right environment and given a chance.

      Now some fans might say, but it’s risk taking bringing in inexperienced young lads and players who aren’t up to scratch but I’d much prefer to spend say £150k a month on a youth and scouting system than on a group of 30+ years old players who offer nothing on the pitch.

      Let’s take Jony Smith for instance. He’s buzzed around the lower leagues loan after loan a career like treading water.
      I’m in no doubt he’s improved no end knowing he’s signed we’ve all seen it, good coaching and getting his chance to what he needed and the security of a 3 year deal.
      We need to start scouting out players we think can improve at Wigan and not only that try and sign rather than a loan.

      It’s no good having the spine of a side all loan players then at the end of that season that side gets broken up.

      I personally feel it’s the only way we can survive, gamble on young lads and players who are meandering through lower league football praying for a chance. Build a brand and name were young players feel the will be given a chance to play first team football.

      Footballs unlike any other business model you do it for the love of it only a handful of clubs worldwide make it a highly profitable business.

      There are so many keys factors in running a club from the tea lady to the ground staff to the players and they all need to work hand in hand for that cog to turn and the club to survive and then hopefully success will follow.

      Danson no doubt needs to build it bottom up. I’ll be quite happy if we stay in this division for another season or two just as long as we see progress in the areas I covered.
      If we don’t and the ship carries on sailing with no rudder then I’ll be of the thinking Danson has secret ulterior motives planned when buying the club.

      The key is, what took place in the recent discussions between both Danson and Maloney and how much Maloney will have to cut back and spend. If Maloney does shoot off we’ll know it was a bag of Planters and a rusty nail

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