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    Just on SKY Sports that they are in real financial difficulty, but are trying their best to dig themselves out of it.

    One incentive they have done was for schools in the area to have a ‘Wear Red To School’ day (Accys colours), these kids would also bring a pound and throw it into the pot, as well as other money raising ideas for that day to raise more.

    Can you believe that after receiving the letter for this, some parents thought it would be a good idea to send their kid/s to school in Manchester United and Liverpool FC football kits, these being the very clubs that are sucking the game dry at the expense of clubs like Accrington.

    The £40’s that they all spent on their kids having those shirts could well have been all it would have taken to save their local club from possibly becoming exinct.


      Aye it’s the same for clubs like us in small towns with younguns walking round with the top4 shirts on really gets on me paps


      Went to watch them a few weeks ago against Crewe – 5-3 and all!

      Put some money in their coffers through the gate, and bought a programme and a pennant I don’t really need.

      If you get the chance go along to at least one game. Every little helps.


        I would do Graswood… And i hate it when people glory seek the ‘top 4’ .. Why not support your own team? Bet you anything they would all jump ship if their home team became successful

      Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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