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    One is the world’s best football player the other is Lionel Messi.

    Just to reignite this debate, I was talking to a contractor at work (a Liverpool fan) yesterday about the game & he made the comment that “it was all the more amazing that you won with 10 men coz that Gomez was $h!te”

    I’ll let everybody argue over that one[/quote]
    More importantly, do you think Gomez ‘was sh!te’?[/quote]

    I didn’t see enough of Sunday’s game to comment (only got to see ITV’s highlights).
    What I did say to this Scouser was that he was our marmite player & Latics fans either loved him or hated him.
    I said that personally I could see the stuff he is capable of that no other player in our squad can do but that I can also see the bad stuff he does. Also that whilst I don’t think he warrants the lofty regard some hold him in, nor do i think that he warrants the stick he gets from sections of the crowd who will give his mistakes more grief than the mistakes of other players.
    So basically I sat on the fence & disproved my claim that everyone either loves him or hates him!! ;)

    One thing this fella said was that when he was watching it & Gomez stepped up to take the penalty was that he hadn’t even realised he was playing coz he’d not seen him do anything or even heard him mentioned up to that point[/quote]

    Those of us who defend Jordi on here don’t hold him in any kind of lofty regard. We know his faults and we know his capabilities. We elevate him to a state of loftiness to defend him against – and to wind up – the morons who think it’s justified to boo him for his mistakes when other players are forgiven theirs.

    He seems to be enjoying a period of fan worship at the moment but I shouldn’t expect it to last.

    Argus69Neil Ferguson
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    We played much more of a pressing game last night and Gomez played his full part.I never thought I’d see him get booked for persistent fouling.

    He still makes the odd mistake but he has more vision than the rest of our midfield and sometimes it looks bad when some of the passes he tries fail to come off.

    He’s playing with more confidence now – the 2 penalties are evidence of that and now the crowd are singing his name – he scores when he wants – which is great.

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