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      Come on people, cheer up, i havent looked at these pages since our last outing, had a quick look this morning prior to taking an under 12s team to play a bolton u12s team,its all doom and bloody gloom, if you profess to support our team and i believe you all do then get behind them, show some positivity,stay to the end,cheer,clap the lads off,support the team.

      its all division 2 is better than the prem, its not
      springfield is better than the jjdwb or wotever,it is but only for memories and nostalgia.

      get behind the lads today, we,ve had some good games v west spam lets help make today 1 of those days.

      Yickticmonshaun martin

        Fair Doos Saark, but it must be remembered that our team have only won one home game since March…..and that was the last game of last season against Pompey….and I was away and missed it!!! :cry: Hardly surprising that a lot of us have been on a bit of a football downer for a while.

        It has all been a bit crepe for a long time, but I take your point and maybe the break will have done the team some good and helped them start to play as a team.

        Its a beautiful day and lets hope the lads give us summert to smile about at New Springfield today.

        Up the Tics!!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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      Forums Latics Crazy Forum cheer the fook up…….