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    MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

      Staying at sisters in Tewkesbury… I apologise in advance for beer fueled analysis….that was absolutely shite…..upto 3xweeks ago they hadn’t scored….made em look like Real Madrid….andxas for the penalty!!!…Get given against us they bang em in….us?? Fucking back pass……!!!


        Humprhys .. hammers the ball from 18/20/25 yards out .. plays , virtually a back pass to their keeper .. ????????????????????????????????????????? :wacko:

        cup winnerscup winners

          The problem we have is consistency. We blow gas fire hot then Antarctic ice cold there’s no in-between.
          That 2nd half was very poor too many players under performing. We’ve a forward on £10,000+ a week who’s not even on the bench.
          Assguard starts playing his best football the gets crocked. We just don’t have the depth within the squad.
          Sessegnon was brought back to quick and I’m sure he’s gonna be out for far longer than he was originally.
          The injury list will start to mount for sure. Lets get it right Cheltenham are a poor side who struggle for goals and we could have easily lost it with that second half performance.

          Look chaps it’s a nightmare job been the boss of Wigan right now we just have to hope Maloney can drill it into the players regarding levelling the performances because right now we could beat a Prem side on our day then the week after lose to the Dog & Duck from Liverpool


            Bottom line is we got a point out of a game we could well have lost . There is no doubt in my eyes that we struggle against the more physical route one teams. Whether it’s because we have so many young lads in the squad I don’t know but we have to find a way to combat it. Against sides who like play football on the deck we have done well against . Still happy we the progress we have made and there is so much potential in this squad they will only get better. Onwards and upwards !

            cup winnerscup winners

              We beat an Oxford side who have lost only 3 in their last 18 and Peterborough who I thought looked a decent side without firing. Again Peterborough have only lost twice in 17.

              We’ve beat 3 out the top 4 and only lost to a single goal against Pompey and Stevenage.
              Couple this with administration, 8pts deducted making it hard to sign players. Then players jumping ship at the 11th hour and a transfer embargo I think Maloney’s performed a miracle.

              Like I said previously, alot of players will be gone again in the summer loans and out of contracts and we’ll have the player begging bowl out again another rebuild job.
              We just have to survive, the main objective is DO NOT GO DOWN. If we scrape a play off place it will be a miracle.

              If you want the Gods honest truth I didn’t think we’d still be here after the 2nd administration. No matter what you think about Dawson he saved us as simple as that so when I sit there and thank my lucky stars were still here.

              Everything after that is a Brucie bonus


              Well, it could be a fairy tail ending:

              Shaun Maloney brings on Cal Mac in the dying minutes of the play off final and Cal rifles one into the back of the Bolton Net to secure promotion :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

              Bloody marvellous stuff this Italian Salento Red :wacko: :wacko: :wacko:

              cup winnerscup winners

                Look I’m not gonna sit here and say I don’t moan or get frustrated at our yo-yo performances, at times it’s hard to fathom out but you just have to lean back after a match and think what we’ve been through not once but twice and were we are right now and to be honest the more you think of it it’s a miracle.

                The only thing that shocks me more is, some other decent sized club hasn’t gone to the wall say the likes of Reading or Sheff Weds. Dozens of clubs are hanging on with the skin of their teeth and I’m sure soon enough it will all catch up with others.

                Mid table this season and we’ll have achieved our objective. If we can be more consistent then the very best would be lower play-off but I won’t be disappointed if we miss out just as long as we stay up because dropping down would be disastrous for us

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