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    With saturday now almost upon us,its butterflies time,the expectation, with it being against the ‘ammers adds to the pre match nerves.
    Can’t wait personally,I think we’ll see bobby’s team gelling more,he’s had time to work on it with the new boys .
    We have a lot of new supporters at the stadium now,I would hope that they will enoy the experience, because when they look back in a good few years,it should be with fond memories,not remembering the team getting booed off at half time if we’ve not scored.
    This site is not like it was,but again it takes time for things to come together,people have to accept that,hopefully we can spread a feeling of optimism among people,coupled with realism and expectation of what we can actually achieve.
    Bobby wants to build us into a top 7 team,lets try and at least give the players some help and most importantly,enjoy the day,its what we live for at the end of the day.
    Come on,lets have a bit of mud huts and make a bit of noise,let the new people know how we really do love this club.
    Most of all,enjoy the day.
    Come on !!!!!! :D


      D Day, eh?

      Well, let’s hope we have the success of Pegasus Bridge, where our glider-carried boys achieved victory by catching their opponents by surprise…….

      ….Rather than ending up with the pinned-down carnage of Dog Green Sector, Omaha Beach, as suffered by the Americans.

      With the upcoming fixtures after this one apparently being harder, it really is the ‘Day Of Days’.

      Stuart Hall’s got nothing on me, LOL! :lol:

      ere_WiginJeff Tudge

        Winston Church_ill the Wiganer said:
        “We shall go on to the end, we shall fight in Dougy, we shall fight in attack and defence, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our goal, whatever the penalty may be, we shall fight the opposition, we shall fight when landing on the ground, we shall fight in midfield and along the touchline, we shall fight our corner; we shall never surrender.”

        thtyoneyearswafctrevor hoy

          Post that up int dressing room albet in a dozen foreign languages so they get the message


            Ever wondered why Whelan won’t sign an ‘Eye-Tie’?

            Because he’s scared they’ll swap sides at half-time. :lol:


            Ah! That’s why Pasquale Bruno never came out that second half against Grimsby. I always wondered. :lol:

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