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    I used to have a great deal of respect for him and the work he did at Walsall and Brentford. But after today’s match, he’s bleating on on TV and in the press about the robustness of Tom Naylor’s tackle on Max Aaron – which he claims was “a stonewall penalty and wouldn’t have been allowed years ago when he played and referees were a lot more lenient”!

    What planet is he on? Football is a physical game and contact will happen during a game. But Naylor played the ball, and had no intention of clattering into the player. He side-footed the ball away and the momentum of both players brought them together!

    Nowhere near a penalty for me – but others may see things differently!

    Anyway, I was impressed by the amount of contact the referee allowed today (I noticed this in the Women’s Euro matches I watched) and I understand referees have been told to let more go this season! Not happy with the 10+ minutes added on today – but understand that they have decided they want the ball more in play than in previous seasons (which I applaud)! Be interesting to see if we get 10 added minutes at the DW (I wasn’t there last week) when teams come here and spoil the game with time-wasting!!!

    All-in-all though, I think it should be an interesting season! Good performance today out of possession and we looked like we could hurt them on the break (once we decided we could keep hold of the ball that is)!

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    Brilliant tackle that would have been cleared by VAR had it been in the Premier League.

    Two weeks in and we are already getting comments from managers and fans who think they have a ‘Divine Right’.

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    B*****cks to him , ref had a great game in my view.
    Just ragged off because our little team he thinks they should beat hollow has come and done a very good job on his very lightweight bunch today.
    A true Latics performance that today once they realised the opposition didn’t deserve the respect showed to them early on in the game.
    Latics gave a performance to be proud of and dare we start to dream a little ?

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    Not forgetting the snide remark from Smith.

    “Wigan came here today to sit back and are now celebrating a point” Latics really pissed on his chips! :good:

    Fuck the EFL

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    There was absolutely nowt wrong with that tackle.

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    Should’ve been a free kick to us

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