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    MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

      Totally outclassed,out fought and out thought. Any hopes of staying up trashed in 14mins. As at Sheffield if we go behind the best we get is a draw. Not even a smell of a goal. Maloney starts yet again with Fletcher which means for the time he’s out there we will draw a blank. Totally gutless performances all over the pitch…….a F###### clear out is a must. Where is Wyke ????…last I heard he’s fit..so don’ttell me he prefers Bambi !!!…Must be some appearance, contract, monetary issue thats forcinghis selection!!!!!…top scorer Keane on bench….only decent crosser on bench !!!….That was a team set up again to score f### all……No fight….and relegated with a whimper!!!…..As tedious a 75 mins since 1 st goal I’ve ever sat through……..Wigan synonymous with fight to the end,believe……that performance and team selection stains our hard earned reputation,for which the incompetent owners initiated.!!!!


        Spot on …. they’d have beaten us with nine players imo .. ! As an aside to your comments , I really would like it if someone could explain the second half , and use the word very very loosely ‘ performance ‘of ‘ the referee ‘ ???? Made to look , by the deception of fouls/injury tactics ,the complete and utter wanker he was .. further note .. a large number of P45 s will be issued come June , and that must play a factor in all this .. ??


          Ps . I’m off to Benners , Sunday , for a week and will miss the Millwall game , leaving only the Rotherham game to savour and witness the delights of Fletcher and ‘ Captain Fantastic .. NOT ‘ .. hope nothing scuppers my attendance ..both hugely nailed on in the worst ever WAFC team ..legends in their own rights . defo something not right with the Fletcher situation .. ???


            The word ‘ diabolical’ is tame to describe that rubbish today.
            Gave up as soon as the first goal went in and a lack of fight was evident from many of the players.
            sooner the better the summer comes and the clear out happens the better.
            Better things to do with my time than watch that dross ,disgrace!!!


              Maloney got it badly wrong today and his honeymoon period is coming to a very quick end.

              He left Hughes badly exposed as a right back.

              It’s awful watching Nyambe when he’s on his “good” right foot let alone when it’s on his left foot. He is incapable of making a pass down the line as a result.

              Fletcher is pointless. I’ve been told today that there’s issues behind the scenes with Wyke. No idea if that’s true or not but something is happening behind the scenes that we aren’t privy to.

              The club still aren’t being transparent for me. Keane signed a 3 year contract in the summer but no statement released. No updates given on Wyke who’s supposed to be our talisman on at least 10k a week

              Gutted I’m stuck with Blackpool tickets

              Just end the season now


              I don’t know about Wyke, but most of us will have a drink problem after watching that pile of old f*nny.

              We know the squad isn’t Championship standard (not sure which is Fletcher’s league tbh) but if we’d played a League 2 side today in a must win game they would have surely had more of a go than us?

              Season Tickets on sale tomorrow; what an advert it was today :negative:

              On that note I’ll get back to my Shiraz


                Hopelessly outclassed today. Swansea passing in triangles around us, too easy!. We were talking after the game which players we would keep for next season in Division One. Struggling to come up with any ,possibly Charlie Hughes but even he had an off day. We need to wipe the slate clean and start again. It’s going to take two or three seasons to turn this around ,we are absolutely shocking make no mistake.


                  Fletchers league ?? Wouldn’t get in Wigan ammy league .. what a waste of space he is ..and someone pinned their hopes on him ffs .. the way forward must , and has to be brutal .. and it will be .!


                    I’ve not wanted to mention it out of decency, but I genuinely think its only a matter of time they announce that Wyke is calling it quits.
                    He mentioned months ago he has worries and doubts about playing on, could it happen again with having a wife and kids to think about. All very understandable. But if he’s doubts in the back of his mind, its a decision he has to make.
                    But its complicated. The insurance and payouts will have to be sorted out. I don’t know how Latics have been insuring him, itbmust be costing a fortune with the high risk. Or maybe they’ve stopped paying for him to be match insured? Hence he is being left out. I think the club are trying to cut spending, so its a possibility.

                    As cruel as it all is on Charlie, there are his 10k pw wages to consider. We are paying a lot of money out for nothing in return. It all needs sorting out quickly.

                    cup winnerscup winners

                      Well I can only say were at an all time low . Hughes made it clear to the bench how he was fully exposed as Darikwa was at times playing up side of Fletcher.
                      Now bare in mind this is the same Darikwa who would get migraines crossing the half way line so for him to be asked him to play an attacking role is like asking me go in the nets.
                      Hughes approached the bench pointing this out (not sure who he spoke to) then he made it known to Maloney he’s been left fully exposed.
                      I’m not going to attack Fletcher it’s pointless. He’d get picked even if he hit a O.G. hattrick the week before. It’s clearly in his contract:-

                      MUST START EVERY GAME OR YOU OWE WATFORD £#####

                      He wouldn’t be good enough for non league and to think he commands £18k? Fook me! get me his agent I’d be male modeling next week with me kench out and me sparrow legs.

                      McClean had chance after chance to push and go but sadly old father time has caught up with him.
                      When the team sheet came out what I saw was a team with zero skill factor, zero width, zero pace, defensive to the hilt and and a gutless useless centre forward.

                      Face it chaps, this is a combination of what can happen when those in power get it oh so wrong. When you’ve better players on loan and your paying some players (we’ve brought in on loan) more it stinks to the high hills.

                      I still don’t get Pearce not brought on till it’s all too late then asked to sort through sh#t out with 10 to go. Magennis was screaming for decent balls and I don’t give a sh#t what anyone says, on his day Pearce is one of the best crossers of the ball with pace outside the prem.

                      So all’s I say to Maloney is, we looked far more competitive after the subs were made so bare that in mind against Blackpool and don’t spoil me toffee apple next week


                      cup winnerscup winners

                        For me McClean and Pearce overlapping, why why why we don’t I’m lost,

                        Keane in the middle behind whoever orchestrating things, let’s not forget he’s our top goal scorer.
                        Me? Lang up front simply because there’s only him who’s bust a gut and I’m sure his drives and dives will win us stuff in the right places.
                        Naylor infront of defence rarely has a stinker just steady Eddie.
                        Then time to dip into the youth FFS wtf have we to lose !!!????.

                        Let the youth players have a 50m sprint race and whoever wins gets a start because right now I’d beat half the side and we have no pace what so ever.

                        In a way I’m sad were going down, but in another way I’m made up because we can clear out the old money guys and replace them with lads who are hungry and all want to play in the Prem, there’s alot to be said about youth and dreams


                          Looks like 7 or so young players will get their opportunity next season according to an interview I saw last night.
                          Good news but people will have to be patient and be grateful we have a club to support and in the long term future will be bright if this is the direction the owners go down.
                          Short term might be rockier but it’s a far better way to run the club than the present unsustainable model.

                          cup winnerscup winners

                            We have the basis of a half decent side next year based who’s gonna be here
                            Wyke (if over his issues)
                            Scully (if fit)
                            Then draft in youth around them. Time for Cze then we have the lad from Blackburn who’s scored a few this season.

                            My fear is, we release all these loanees, we go back into the market and bring a a sh*t load more in and the young lads don’t get brought through and helped on by the current crop of pro’s at the club.

                            Those on loan I’m sorry have gone forever, they’ll never come back. Next year is going to be all about steadying the ship mid table at best. If we do by any chance do what we did the other year go up without trying then our owners need to spend or we’ll be the yo yo club of the Championship to L1.

                            I just want a half decent club, some youth, be competitive and the owners be honest and up front.
                            I think if we do this things will fall into place and only good things will come out of it.


                              We need to give the youth team experience now, nothing to lose anymore this season!

                              No point throwing them in next season with no experience otherwise we’ll get hammered even in League 1.

                              If Maloney thinks these 7 lads are ready then why wait, lets see how they shape up now.

                              Fuck the EFL

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