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    MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

      Wrexham, 1st half v Northampton and today,carbon copy. This pass the f##### air out the ball is painfull. League 1 needs a bit more balls deep,aggressive (like Bolton away). Blackpool undid us within 5 minutes then let us pass sideways and backwards for 90 mins. Said it all along no shithouse in the middle will be our achilles. The way we conceded is a ginormous alarm bell for me. Pearce can cross but defensively he’s not good enough. T
      Forget Barnsley, today was a real wake up call….didn’t think last seasons visit here would be replicated……I was wrong……this was as bad.

      cup winnerscup winners

        That first half we were second to everything, little aggression no fight very very poor in the aerial battles it was the total opposite of the Bolton game.

        2nd half today we were alot better but still not enough. Pearce was poor and I’ve been saying it for awhile
        He can’t get forward then back like Boycey if he could he’d be at Chelsea. We need a left back a defender not a wing back. Blackpool targeted that and got the winner from it.
        Humphrys kept slowing the game down but without fingering out those to blame I’ll point out those who were outstanding like Tickle who had another absolute brilliant game easily our best player.

        Were blowing hot n cold but after that it’s time to juggle


        We’re blowing hot & cold as we have a team of young, inexperienced & at times nieve kids coming up against seasoned pros. It’s all a learning curve for them. But with the likes of Rekik back & Sessegnon, Hughes back from suspension, I do expect SM to change the starting line up for the next game.

        cup winnerscup winners

          I agree we do have a young side granted but there was also alot of experience out there today who didn’t turn up especially in the first half.
          They only needed to raise the tempo by 10% which they did in the 2nd half and we were back in it.
          I have to disagree with Maloney just throwing everyone on off the bench. I was lost who was playing left or right.

          I’m not sure how long Shaw’s going to take to be fit but surely he’s worth a place on the bench. Our midfield needs a battler at the side of Smith were very lightweight in the middle

          Troy McClureTroy McClure

            Some credit must be given to Blackpool for not allowing us to break out from the back, and when we did have an opening our players were the victims of some cynical fouls which broke up our attacks. Lessons will be learned I’m sure and we can expect some changes for the next game.
            We should also remember we are where SM expected us to be after six games.


              Reality check really because I think a few especially after the Bolton game started to misguidedly expect promotion.
              Let’s get real , no chance ,
              scarred by the numerous relegations and admin for this season success will be staying up and that is it.
              From there it’s kick on again and early signs are good but expect some weird results which is what you always get with a team in transition.
              Staying up is number one priority for me and developing the academy set up.

            Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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