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      Wolves played like their lives depended on it last night and, to be honest, a lot of better teams than us will be caught cold this early in the season. They were without key players and scrapped for the full 90 minutes.

      Remember Chelsea in the first half against Hull, but they are extablished at the top and have the nous to fight back. Look at Everton – how long do you expect them to be at the bottom?

      I also think our central defenders had an off night. Titus played a lot of bad passes and Sharner’s body language was awful.

      I was disappointed after the bright start against Villa and I’m sure that a lot of teams will play more open football against us and be there for the taking. I am still looking forward to the Man U match. But, even after Saturday, I never for one minute thought we were going to win the league, unlike a couple of our fans….

      There were massive plus points. Gomez looks a class act and I was impressed by Hendry Thomas. Scotland and Sinclair looked lively when they came on. Hugo never gave up looking for an opening.

      Being reaistic we are not the finished product, in fact we are very much a work in progress so to scream and shout that this was our worst ever performance and the mangaer will be sacked by Christmas is ridiculous.

      But then again I came onto this website today expecting a barrage of abuse for the team. Some things you can predict.


        If bobby had made the changes at half time i think we would have at least got a draw if not won the game


          Probably right, but you have to give Wolves credit. Whoever was out there had to work hard for openings.

          Wolves will be difficult to beat this season away from Molyneux because McCarthy has them well organised. He didn’t get over-excited by the result last night and perhaps one or two on this board should learn from his reaction.

          I am confident we are a better team but I am also willing to give Bobby time to get things going.

          I stand to be corrected but I think we will be able to show a lot more against United on Saturday and I am looking forward to playing West Ham. Whatever the results they will be cracking games and a good measure of where we are at.

          But again, if we get beat I won’t be surprised by some peoples’ reactions here.


          Piemon,I absolutley agree with your thoughts and sentiments.

          DavidGrayDavid Gray

            It’s good to see an outbreak of common sense and realism after some of the garbage that’s been posted on this board since last night.

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