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    If Jack Whatmough has any sense, he won’t be tempted by PNE.
    They have an abundance of Central defenders.
    They have a very low budget and an owner who is tighter than a submarine door.
    Ryan Lowe will be sacked before Christmas and PNE will be in a relegation battle.
    This could be the season that they tumble, after flattering to deceive for far too many years.
    Might have a tenner on the Latics & PNE crossing paths in the opposite directions, next May. :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:


      Either go , or stay fully commited ..!!!!!!!!! This really is 3rd time lucky , I only want people who are 110% ‘ in ‘ .. we cannot afford any less ..btw . I totally agree , PNE aren’t ‘ Barca’ , take that smarmy twat Daniel Johnson out and they are mediocre at best …

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        If he wants out just open the door and point him to the M6. We’ve bigger and better things coming our way now were on a stable footing ownership wise who’ll not throw it around like confetti.
        Preston?, I’m not sure that’s a career or money move but either way, no likey ? Fcuky off’y !!


          Who has actually said Jack Whatmore is going anywhere? Of course your better players will be linked to other clubs, but it seems there’s a lot of aggression aimed at Jack Whatmore in this thread and others and all he has done pre- season, is work his bollocks off in Hungary with the rest of our squad.
          Chill boys.

          From Matlock to ManU
          What a journey!

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            No aggression from me, if any player thinks the grass is greener then go and give it a go I say the doors open. For him to be linked to other clubs then his agent has put it about otherwise why would it be out there?.

            It’s simple, player comes out on social media and says I’m going nowhere I’m staying in happy were I am then all the rumours end there and then.
            And the last thing, its hardly going up the ladder more a sideway step. Yes their in the Championship for at least 1 more season but that’s were the career progress ends.

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              Now Keane to Preston, like I said, if your not happy you know were the door is, just make sure you close it on your way out


                As previously indicated , and no ill will [ no pun intended ] or malice , make your decision and go .. 110% needed now .. no sulkers .. I accept his decision and respect it .. bit like Roberts to Blackburn .. ‘ my dream move ‘ .. really ?? :good:


                  Let him go knob end I won’t lose any sleep over him too many fuck ups needs too many touches before shooting
                  OK scored a few goals but imsure we can get a better player in
                  But should have scored alot more but for his fuck ups and too touch too many and his drifting in and out games bye Keane :bye:


                    Yes John.. we need players who wear shinpads , not braces around their necks for their bollocks .. again .. no malice ..but ciao !!!!!!!!!! :yahoo: ps .. many players at WAFC don t get the grief they [ rightly or wrongly ] deserve .. we are , in the main very tolerant .. i ll watch the PNE comments after games , and see what the opinion is .. ??


                    Like I’ve already said; if he is thinking of going he needs to bare in mind my comments at the start of this thread. I work with a load of Knobbers and he won’t get that lovely warm reception he would like, purely because they despise anything Latics.
                    Anyway we will be able to wave to him from the 113 bus as we rise again & the Knobbers sink. B-) B-) B-)

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                      So he signs a hush hush contract then we give him away for pennies so that contract was worth fcuk all but his right to leave holds up so we get nothing, on about play us. If no one comes in he’s got a job with us for 3 years but can go for nothing when it suits.

                      Let’s face it, he’s 30, his best years are behind him, and another thing, did he ever not get paid ? Late yes but was always paid.
                      Personally he’s had his time so fcuk off and shut the door


                      Just gone down in my estimation; a fookin Judas. We took him on when nobody wanted him and resurrected his career (like many before him). See you on the 113 Will.


                        If he wants to go let him go ,we don’t want players who are not 100% committed,this is going to be a tough season. Would have loved to have got Kyle Joseph back as his replacement but ,unfortunately , he has just signed for Blackpool.

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                          Agree but even taking away the fact it’s Preston it’s the nature of his departure that p1sses me off. Why sign a secret Undisclosed deal most knew nothing about then use a half hearted clause to leave for peanuts ?.

                          He was happy to sign a new contract even when the club was on a rocky road to nowhere which to me meant that, if he were to leave in the transfer window then at least we can command a fee, he basically had one foot in one foot out the club knowing the missed wages payment clause was his trump card if needed the sly fcuker. Never once did he once not get paid but used it to Preston’s advantage.

                          To be honest it’s another top earner gone which is good for us because that was one of the reasons we got in the sh1t were in and he’s 30 so for me fcuk off you’ll soon be forgotten about.

                          I know one thing, you won’t see Wyke using that clause because there’s no fcukin club in the UK would pay him what he’s getting at Wigan for his 7 goal return.

                          MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

                            We will never know the exact status of his contract.Like all supporters everywhere we pay our dosh but players contracts are a guarded state secret. What I do know is he wanted out so we obliged. A 27 goal player for all the negative side of his game will be near impossible to replace……but the as you stated it frees up funds so hopefully Maloney is beavering away searching. Hope anyone else who can see the greener pastures do the honourable thing and F@@@ off ASAP. After the off field near extinction what this club needs is 22 McCleans….you know what you’ll get irrespective of where we finish.

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