EFL knew before it happened?

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    The sale price was well over £3m at the start. Sadly we’ve been pillaged to the point where there’s nothing left.

    They wanted to liquidate us don’t forget.
    I don’t believe they ever lost the 40 mill. I just think it was laundered from one company to the other and the liquidation of the club was their way of removing the evidence.

    This is probably what happened.

    I would love to see a thorough investigation/facts come to light; but, I think everything will be swept under the run like nothing happened (seems like great material for some young investigator/documentary film-maker).

    The big clubs have too much influence over the EFL, and ultimately, they want far less teams – enabling them to have bigger market shares and make more money & keep themselves secure. I think they really don’t want any more than the 4 big clubs in the Manchester/Liverpool area (maybe keep Blackburn at a lower level for traditional purposes since they’ve won the EPL). They’ve love to see Wigan go the way of Bury (and probably want Blackpool/Preston & others to go also, thinking they can pick up that fan base). The big clubs would love to see half the EFL clubs go under, and be able to cement market share for clubs in different regions – say the EPS made up of 4 Manchester/Liverpool clubs, 4 London, a couple of south coast, midlands, northern, Leeds, Sheffield, and whatever to fill it out, with a few other remainders in the 2nd tier.

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    Crikey, sounds like you are the one for the investigating job.
    I do wonder though about fans swapping teams. I know if Latics had gone under, I wouldn’t have started to support any if the teams around me…. would probably go watch non league, but not 1 particular club.
    I do hope someone has the haul to go and investigate all thus, because it stinks to high hell and back

    FA Cup Winners 2013, sounds good that

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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Forums Latics Crazy Forum EFL knew before it happened?