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    Thoughts anyone! Is this a good or bad draw? Might not be a top drawer team, but I think it provides a good challenge for where we would like to be next season.

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    I’m starting to get concerned about the backlog of league fixtures that a cup run will have. Oxford & Portsmouth games already need rearranging, as will Morecambe if this ends up going to a replay. Then there’s the internationals at the end of March which could well mean the Burton game gets rearranged.

    Its nice to have a cup run, and the prize money helps, but if it impedes the chance of a top 2 spot then I’d rather we bowed out in the 3rd round. I think with the likes of Derby coming down, L1 could become very hard to get out of next season, whereas there doesn’t seem to be a stand-out team this year and its up for grabs.

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    Put yer money on a treble

    First team can reasts the league

    Second team chips in with the FA Cup

    Youth team brings home a pizza tha Papa Johns

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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