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    MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

      York must be bricking it !! Another inept away effort…..our most creative player on bench. And another penalty miss. We cannot pull away from relegation threat !!!


      Well Derek, I think Sean has adopted the Roberto philosophy.
      In other words, we go onto the pitch to protect the point that we share before a ball is even kicked; then we “grow into the game” and see if we can “nick it”.
      We don’t appear to have a plan B when we come up against very direct teams and our beautiful passing game just sends us into ever decreasing circles.
      I much preferred the Paul Jewel era, when we often attacked from the outset, got a couple in front and then tried to shut up shop. PJ was rarely defensive and it was only Liverpool and Man Utd when he “bricked it” and tried to keep the score down.
      Modern football is generally boring across the board and its all down to the ruination through greedy big money clubs. Levelling up is needed :cry: :cry: :cry:


        Always get the impression sometimes that our players coast it a bit.
        With a bit more dynamism we would have easily won that game yesterday but seemed happier bouncing the ball around like a training session than really grafting positively and really going for it.
        Looked the better team for most of the game but again dropped points.
        The free kick at the end p/seed me off a bit , should have just rolled that ball down and smashed it in the box but instead dithered and allows the ref to blow up before it was taken.
        Chance wasted imo
        Roberto style without a doubt and not sure why we should be so cagey annd pensive against teams like Orient.

        cup winnerscup winners

          Maloney started off counter attacking football at pace then turned us into a Martinez slow build up from the back which looked awful and wasn’t affective and not to mention the 40yard cross field.

          I then thought he’d realised his mistake and he reverted to getting the ball quicker and at pace which suited Jones who looked outstanding for a few games

          We’re back to the Martinez way

          I’ve always said we have to stick with him but if Maloneys etho’s on how football should be played doesn’t suit the type of player at the club then I’m afraid he’s not the man for the job.
          If we had no restrictions on players coming in then it might be a different story. He needs to play a certain way of football that suits the players at hand.
          It’s like trying to make a cream cake with mince meat

        Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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