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      Really liked on here arent you!

        I’ve been following this club longer than you, pal.

        For one, I’m older than you.

        I mean, I bet I was supporting this club before you’d even heard of them. Yet another ‘young pup’ giving it the ‘big fan’ routine. Bull.

        Don’t be thinking I’m a JCL, as I clearly am not. What? I started following this team, aged 9, in 1986. That was as a great team was being broke up. My first game was Warren Aspinall’s last match. By the following season, the team was very different.
        In the years since 1986, I have missed SEVEN home games. Yes, indeed, I must be a JCL then, mustn’t I? :roll:

        You go on about football finances etc. Do you take in everything that’s in the press, and keep it for reference?

        Oh, and you look like Rik Waller, judging by your Facebook pic. Yes, I know very well that you were ‘digging’. My security people informed me straight away. A word has already gone into the Facebook people. Any further intrusion will constitute stalking and harrassment. This is a federal offence governed by the data protection act 1998, and covers the retrieval and removal of personal information, etc.

        To put it blunt, get over it. Whatever ‘gripe’ you have got with me, let it bloody go. Ok, we don’t agree. That’s what messageboards are all about.

        VAT – not one to correct people publically, but if you are putting information about yourself on facebook/twitter etc, then you are entering information within the public domain relm, therefore does not consitute a breach of the Data Protection Act as you are deciding on content and how it is processed in line with Principle 6 of the Act.

        Also, the Uk doesn’t have a Federal Law as our laws are not put together by a federal government, additionally, the DPA isnt governed by anyone other than itself and is overseen by the Information Commissioner’s Office. The DPA doesn’t cover the retrival or removal of data by an “unauthorised” entity, however, it does cover the security around the data processing, stroage and transission of personal data (Covered in Principle 7) – The Computer Misuse Act of 1990 and the Elecrtronic Communications Act of 2002 would cover this to some degree.

        Just take it from someone who knows ;)

      Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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