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    I anxiously clicked away on e-bay, with 23 seconds to go. It was almost as anxiety provoking as watching the last 90 minutes of any Wigan game. Success. I had bought something for ParkRun that I knew nothing about. A Garmin. I was told it would get me a good time as I could run to a set pace. It was worth it. A storming PR (ParkRun) that is – not the other PR – of 23.05.

    As I sat on the train to Wigan I discovered it recorded my heart rate.

    You know what, I actually thought we didn’t play too badly in the Leeds game. It was made even more difficult by a referee whose brother is a known Leeds supporter. Conflict of interest doesn’t come into it. Why the haul down of Moore wasn’t a penalty is as confusing to me as to why I can’t sit still and keep quiet during a game.

    Leeds were awarded a dubious free kick in front of goal. HR 68. Intuitively I knew there was nowt to worry about. It came to nothing.

    MoM, I’m saying Keefa Moore. He won practically every ariel ball and at the same time should have won a lot more free kicks. The one thing missing from the Leeds armoury was a step ladder for Bamford to try and totally mount him. On the rare occasion we were given the kick ………. HR, time to check. 98. Evans runs up, stunning free kick, hits the cross bar. Relaxed with Evans.

    It is great to have Sammy back, that little tireless Maloney like terrier. Maybe MoM. An intercept, a pass to Gavin – his Mum in the stands goes delirious, into the box and then a goal mouth melee and scramble happens. It’s going in but it doesn’t! HR 108. So close.

    It’s early days. David Marsh is still getting used to playing in such hallowed areas as Ali, Carson, Adkins and Kirkland. He parries a shot for it to fall at the feet of some cheating b*s**r*. It’s simply pushed in. HR 135.

    Despite only 10 players; we sometimes play well against Leeds with only 10, we continue to push forward. Heads are not dropped. We get a corner and set up a confusing 3 way run over; so confusing, everyone is confused. HR 67. Nothing to get excited about.

    Back up in front of our goal and last man is pulled down. Amazingly we get a free kick. HR 146. Guess what – bloody good save from their keeper. Soddit.

    Robinson and Byrne are clear contenders for MoM. Some great runs forward, and some sublime goal defying sprints back into defence. HR 88. No need to get too excited.

    Back up to the other end on a Leeds quick counterattack with some sleek passing. It’s not feeling good. Quick check. HR 154. They score from another scrambly tap in.

    New boy subs come on. HR drops quickly to a steady 66. I’m feeling ok. A great cross and Lowe is step out. A few games and we’ll be fine.

    This research is looking conclusive.

    It was a disappointing result, but the boys played better than I am led to believe they played in Preston. Despite only 10 men, a very helpful ref, a desire by Leeds to be as dirty as they could and 2 goals down, they battled to the end. HR fluctuated between a usual resting rate of 59 to a soaring 154. Further research is needed as I am sure that HR can be used a predictor. It’ll be used in anticipation rather than reactionary.

    It was wonderful to see so many goal orientated people in one place. Added to that both trains were late so there are 2 refunds on their way – makes it feel as if the day wasn’t such a waste of time, after all.

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    I’m in Italy so missed the game, but I suspect my heart rate peaks at similar levels as I try to drive round the narrow cost roads with maniacs hurtling towards me playing chicken

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