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      Hit4FiftySixStu David

          Roberto will definately get a heroes welcome tonight. a true latics legend.

          thtyoneyearswafctrevor hoy


            Squire Manny BrownBB

              Not forgetting Jonesy & GB !!!


              youre not a stone roses fan by any chance are you?

              Squire Manny BrownBB

                Good grief , however did you know that. ;)


                just a complete stab in the dark mate,
                do you want tomorows lotto numbers. :D


                  Come on lad’s, let’s not all Billy Boston each other!

                  At the end of the day, I do think that the want-away Jim Sullivan will get a load of stick on his return, and frankly, the Eric Ashton deserves it. His attitude was more than apparent against St Mirren, and he made a right Green Vigo out of himself. He was literally running about with gritted teeth, doing daft tackles. I have no idea what the Jack Robinson was after achieving, but I did get a feeling that the Shaun Edwards was not entirely Ellery Hanley happy. :lol:

                  PS: That was a light-hearted joke at all the WRLFC references, in the swearing filter. (Funny, as it happens. Well done JayT and John H for that)

                  PPS: Has any post on a Latics site had so many rugby names namedropped? LOL!

                  Well done VAT get them told.
                  Do the names of the eggs always match the swear words.
                  For example if I were to call someone a c**t
                  would the same egg name come up every time I called someone a c**t word for c**t.

                  I’ll give it a go.

                  VAT is a c**t===== VAT is Maurice
                  VAT is a t**t===== VAT is a Maurice

                  Sorry for calling you a Maurice and a Maurice VAT, its just for experimental reasons as you know.[/quote]

                  HORC, I kind of get the feeling that you’ve got something against me.

                  Two serious questions, now.

                  1. What?

                  and 2. Why?

                  Remember, you’re aiming digs at a fan here who’s been going for years, not just some JCL plastic knobhead, who’s been going 3 seasons.

                  You tell me, where Vat69 has EVER deserved to be labelled with the things you stated? Everything I post on here makes sense.

                  I’m just wondering, like.

                  Was it because I responded to your post about players getting booed, with an answer that was befitting of how the question was actually worded?[/quote]

                  I’m not having a dig at all, and I apologise if you thought I was.
                  I was genuinely using the post as an experiment to see what words were being used to filter out the swear words.
                  I simply put your name there for a laugh because of our earlier misunderstanding.
                  Sorry again if I offended you in any way, it wasn’t meant.



                    Fair do’s.

                    Peace, man. :D

                  Viewing 11 posts - 31 through 41 (of 41 total)
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