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    are out in force again.

    We lost to Man United.

    We played well in the first half, gave away a couple of stupid goals and lost our heads.

    We’ve played 3 games and got 3 points. But some on here have us relegated already.


      I’m no gloom and doom merchant but I must admit, I have a sinking feeling. We played far better than Tuesday night and 5 bout was a little harsh on us but it’s not hard to see why.

      No matter what system a manager plays, he has to have the players to execute it. It’s ok playing passing and possession football but you have to have the players to do it. At this level, we haven’t. We’re pedestrian. Players receive a ball and the first thing they do is turn to their own goal. You watch the likes of Rooney. First touch, all important and normally towards the opposition goal, putting the other team on the back foot. There’s no zip, no pace, no gaps opening for us. There’s only N’Zogbia (arguably Scotland too, who at least has a sense of urgency) who can remotely run with the ball and credit to him for that at least.

      I’m afraid Roberto is facing a much stiffer test than he bargained for and his scheming might be right but he doesn’t have the players to put it into practice. No signs of a true target man/goalscorer either.

      Shame on those who booed Valencia, you just about managed to gee him up good style.


        I thought there were some good signs today.
        We matched the best team in the Country for a long time and for spells made them look pretty ordinary.
        I can’t be bothered going into it too deep now, X Factor is starting.

        psklpaul tymon

          im sorry but we are in deep trouble, Its time we went back to 442 because we have not got the players to do what martinez wants, its time whelan got up off his warchest and spent some cash, on decent players or todays crowd which was again shite will be closer to 13000, and if everyone thinks whelan wont sack martinez well you are living in dream land, because when as whelan ever stuck to his word, and believe me if he thinks he wont be getting 40 mill next year he will act,


            true,so true


              imo 3-0 down,20mins+to go rodders in vidics back pocket gomez no threat, get pair of um off and give scotland +king a go see how they shape to gether up front why not roberto :?:

              thtyoneyearswafctrevor hoy

                This is the time when you find out who the true supporters are


                  No, being bottom of the league, with Brendan ormsby as your new signing……

                  THAT’S when you find out who the true supporters are.

                  thtyoneyearswafctrevor hoy

                    Vat al i’m saying for the negative fookers on here is now is the time when you find the true supporters on here

                    psklpaul tymon

                      Talking rubbish, give us something positive, we sell all our best players then replace with championship players, We bring back koumas who as never been good enough and never will, we keep playing one up front which aint workin esp at home, and some of the comments our chairman comes out with is taking the piss out the club,

                      weststandjclIan Crossen

                        It’s quite dispiriting seeing all the doom and gloom merchants posting. FFS we are 3 games into a new season with 3 points – just about on target. With Palacios, Valencia, Heskey, Cattermole et al we would be expecting to be exactly where? 9 points or, more realistically 3 – so what’s the problem?
                        New players – and Diame looks a real gem on the basis of 60 minutes – new management team, new system, new backroom staff – same old boring Dad’s Army brigade “We’re doomed, we’re doomed, doomed I tell ye”.
                        Let’s get 15 games in and then see where we are. I seem to remember Man Utd when Ferguson started there not going straight to the top after 3 games – or did they. Wilf McGuiness anyone?
                        And being realistic Whelan’s stewardship has been magnificent. Where did he start? Where are we now? What debt have we got – just watch Portsmouth, West Ham, and possibly even Liverpool, United when Ferguson goes, remember Leeds anyone? What’s our debt?
                        Most of the gloom and doom merchants, and incidentally crowing B***ards who support BIG teams probably never go to watch “their” teams.
                        Grow up, get behind the team and stop bloody whingeing.

                        thtyoneyearswafctrevor hoy

                          aye tha reet but some folk are really peeing me off

                            imo 3-0 down,20mins+to go rodders in vidics back pocket gomez no threat, get pair of um off and give scotland +king a go see how they shape to gether up front why not roberto :?:

                            Agreed,except keep the tactics,football on the ground as it should be, but also try sinclaire and edman with a 1st 11 place, we need a new right back, mario is a good player and has been a good servant but times catching him up.After watching the 1st 3 games i,d go for,

                            mario bramble sharner edman
                            sinclaire diame thomas n,zogbia
                            hugo king


                              You know…was on the way home from the match yesterday and the guy on Radio 5 summed it up.

                              Wigan are a good side with some good players, however, the players Martinez has brought in haven’t yet adapted to the speed and the pace of the Premiership.

                              He singled out Gomez as a good player – first time I seen him yesterday and I think he will be really good. I also thought Diame and also Thomas were good…just need to Gel.

                              Koumas….I am out on this one. His shot in the first half was very decent and their keeper made a good save, however, there were times yesterday that he didn’t look that comfortable on the ball, especially under pressure.

                              The result wasn’t great, but I bet if we lost 1-0 there wouldn’t be all the doom and gloom…….I think it will take us until October, then we will see some good stuff from our guys…

                              thtyoneyearswafctrevor hoy

                                After match went sams bar had a couple of scoops went up town defending my team agaist wigan manure (fans) :roll: :roll:

                                well let’s say heated debate and telling um whealen could of bought your men for 11mill that they didn’t like

                                and to cop it all off geet in a taxi with a certain ex chubster driving it another heated debate ended up paying for a journey what should of cost 10 squid he just said give me a fiver

                                not all bad them chubbies :mrgreen:

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