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    The ideal situation would be for Leneghan and his consortium to take over and put both clubs under the same umbrella. At least then we would know that the future of both clubs would be of the upmost importance. The administrators however will let the club go to the highest bidder whoever they are. The more I hear about the Leneghan idea the more I’m warming to it to be honest and after what Lisa Nandy said it made it sound the best bet as well. After what has happened I dont think it’s going to be easy for any of us to trust the new owners whoever it ends up being.


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    Nandy? She needs keep her beak out of it saying a local owner would best. Let’s say over a filthy rich Russian / Arab who wants a toy ?.
    Nandy makes remarks like this for he own personal “Look at me I care” gratification.

    Lenegan Koukash ? Whoever I’m not too bothered as long as there’s a club I can go and watch whether it be against a Preston or a Daisy Hill

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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