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      It’s VERY hard to know where to start..let alone end my thoughts .. regarding the recent weeks/happenings! WE ARE , without doubt UNITED in our despair, hope , pragmatism , confusion , togetherness , anger , uncertainty …about something in our lives that matters so, so much . WAFC !!!! The players , to me, have been magnificent in their efforts .. I’m not alluding to their respective talents or otherwise .. they’ve improved imo under Shaun ….. I’ve noticed , quite correctly , an array of thoughts , opinions , comments throughout a wide range .. that to me is fantastic ! During the week , we don’t ‘ drink ‘ .. how I’ve maintained that, I’ve no idea .. glass of Chardonnay in hand though now ! This is now , without doubt , a watershed ..WAFC has always been , again imo , a Club that has fought against the tide . Other Clubs fans are absolutely loving this scenario for us right now .. we ALL know why.. collectively achieving the sum total of ‘ Fuck all ‘ .. JEALOUSY . let them fuckin’stew !! Anyroad up ..will we , through this latest and horredous situation provide a new, pragmatic way forward ..? Football is basically screwed financially , but, sadly, seems to be a ‘ business ‘ that gets away with it ..if Talal et al are true to their words , could we really provide an avenue to sustainability ? Oh no .. glass is empty ha ha :mail:

      MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

        True to his words ???….That’s the million dollar question. Initially yes……Now .mmmm!!! The jury is seriously out !!! Watershed moment ??…..More an absolute cluster#### ! Wages bombed once bad enough but 4 !!!!!…Points gone possibly sealing relegation, more points probably next season. Maloneys assurances about the previous wage failings lasted 6 weeks. Trust them at your peril. No we haven’t been at the races on the field but imagine if those missing points send us down just like last time after an amazing effort. The players,staff,supporters will have been dicked by their balls up. So no……I won’t forgive yet based on a few carefully chosen words…more promises…I may do in the future when I see tangible improvements…..not f£££££££ winging it week to week.!!!!!

        cup winnerscup winners

          Were paying the price for bringing in a shitload of overpaid L1 level players on Championship money.

          2 managers given full contract pay offs

          Send out players on loan bring in far worse and the likes of Fletcher on £18k a week mind-blowing considering he’s sh1t no better than Humphrys on £5-£6k… £12k worse off and he’s crap.

          Only Toure dipped into the youth and found a gem while Scully is a mystery no one can figure out.

          Brannigan got the sack simply because you can’t sack Jasmi or Tel Al family so someone had to be sacrificed as to say there you go fans we found the problem sacked ! Problem solved.

          So if it was Brannigans fault for poor financial advise please tell me,


          two waste off spaces on good money not doing their job picking up on Brannigans bad advice, they both need fcukin off.

          For me Brannigan can pick up some of the blame but not all. Someone at the end of the day signed the cheques.
          Tel Al said in March 21 were not here to spent huge amounts and we’ll concentrate on youth I thought great as long as we live and the young lads will get a chance,

          so what did he do?

          the exact fcukin opposite.

          So what would be my answer ?,

          Bring JJackson back, home grown Tics fan who knows the club the same as Maloney.

          Offer any player out of contract that Mahoney wants to keep a heavily reduced new contract
          No likey fcuky offey

          Try to get rid of all these on loan at any cost. Let’s have a wage cap. We cannot afford stupid money PERIOD.

          And last, let’s start seeing young lads coming through. Stones and Cze ? lob them in. Their better than Wyke and cousin because at least their fcukin fit and can play.

          The chances are Robinson at Fulham will move on and we could end up with a £5million windfall.
          Plough it into the youth set up

          I’m sorry but L1 is the right time to clear the decks this over paid injury prone grandad squad and inject some home grown youth into the squad.

          The one thing I’m sick ter fcuk of hearing is
          “He’s not ready”,

          There’s only one way you learn, get thrown in the deep end. You soon learn.
          So who’s fault was it for all this mess, well for me

          Owners who havent a clue who were very poorly advised by those below who lead them a merry dance with thrithful spending.

          The owners need to listen to us fans.

          We want a club a simple club, no heavy spending, youth, no more money digging players.

          If we can’t pay it

          (Like Blackburn)

          make it

          We entered the League using this method so let’s go back to basics


            Thanks to you both .. I’ll guarantee I’m mad as hell too .!! Who do I trust ..outside of ‘ family ‘ .. NO ONE ! The broader ‘ the smile ‘ . the bigger the deceit ..

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