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      He’s was one on his own
      Our Jamie Jones

      His gloves made everything stick
      The man, an epitome of a Tic

      He kept us afloat with blinding saves
      So we could ride the crest of our waves

      He stood as tall as he could
      We always knew he would

      Putting his body on the line
      He was there in our darkest time

      He even put his medal to auction
      So we were able to march on

      Till we meet again Jamie Jones
      Latics fans will always be your warmest of homes


        Can truly hold us head up high for the way he has handled himself throughout all the shit.

        A true professional.


          Thought he might have been given the goal keeping coach job with Flahvian (sp) being released. Been a great ambassador for our club and will always be grateful for sticking by us during our hour(s) of need.
          All the best Jamie and thank you! :good:

          From Matlock to ManU
          What a journey!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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