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    Two penalty shoot outs and two thunderbolts. Both were unstoppable, have you ever seen a goalkeeper be as good at penalties… I might be crazy, but I think I remember Roy Tunks taking one (and scoring).

    FA Cup Winners 2013, sounds good that

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    At Fylde pre season Latics goalkeeping coach was taking shots at half time. Bloody hell they had some power.

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    Roy Tunks would have saved all those penalties

    And if Bobby Campbell had played it wouldn’t have reached penalties

    Bloody rubbish Wiggin

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    I thought I’d seen it all Lorimer the lot till I saw some clips of Erling Haaland in training.
    If he took pens like that and I was a keeper I’d turn my back or I’d ask for a hockey mask

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    He just has to imagine he’s taking a goal kick up to James Mclean who is going to run the remaining 10 metres of the pitch, swerve around the keeper and SCORE!

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