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    MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

      Oh isn’t it a strange phenomenon?….Barnsley hit with multiple EFL charges concerning their ownership. Wonder how fast their points will be ripped away ???

      cup winnerscup winners

        Reading between the lines it was Barnsley themselves who raised the alarm to the EFL regarding their previous owners wrong doings. What gets me is, there was certain things the EFL overlooked and never investigated but us ? their sh1t off a shovel fast to thumb bum us.

        Looks like Barnsley are following in our footsteps not only with a points deduction but a Hong Kong registered club and a Chinese owner, this will only end one way we’ve got the t shirt.

        Good fcukin luck they’ll need it


          Not good on computers .. can anyone direct me how to get on their fans forum ..never for one minute did I believe/feel that we were the only Club with issues .. apart from two thoughtful/sympathetic comments from two of their fans , the knives were out ..’throw the book at ’em [ us ].. kick’em out the League .. hope they go bust .. 48 points deduction etc . third favourites .. my arse :yahoo: ps .. means fuck all to me whether or not they reported themselves ..fuck ’em .. lets see what happens now ..

          The EggThe Egg

            It was those owners that turned up shouting and screaming for us to be punished. Now we know why.

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