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    Have a read and see whether you concur..

    Article by PoshTic

    FA Cup Winners 2013, sounds good that

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    Well done that man, well put together.

    I’ve not seen the name before so I guess it is your first effort, carry on putting a positive stance on things I say, it’s good for the mind.

    Up the tics

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    Thanks for the feedback.

    There will be plenty more articles coming soon!

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    A well written piece but bloody hell, people say it gets easier & easier every year to get decent GCSE results when its got nothing on your examination marks!!

    Transfers – B??? Not one of his signings has proved to be a consistantly good buy. 3 look total duds (Gomez, Scotland & Amaya). True those signed last month need more time to possibly come under that category but still. Personally I’d give it a D or an E

    Manager – B+???? 2 wins in the last 13 games or somet, defeats in both cup competitions to lower league opposition & several heavy spankings in the league. One formation. Players played out of position. A defence that looked great for the last 18 months suddenly falling apart at every opportunity. An inability to defend corners. Still I guess we beat Chelsea & Villa!! A D from me I’m afraid

    Tactics – B?? As mentioned above we have one formation & thats it. It isn’t working but he is persisting with it. We also have a gaping hole between our wattack & defence where our midfield should be. Another D

    Overall – B?? True it was always gonna be some sort of transitional season but (IMO) we’ve played poorly, Bobby has made poor signings, add in all the above & we’re 1 point in front of relegation. Its a D- from me!!

    griffChris Griffin
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    Tyldesley, perhaps the grade range was confined to A-B, not the traditional A-E? ;) I don’t know, because I haven’t read the article yet. :oops:

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