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    MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

      Absolute dog shit…..Only got a semblance of threat when Mac came on. Humphreys gave them 1st and then played that deep for next 60,also he had touch like a rhino. Zero threat yet again, passing around our own penalty area as usual. Midfield couldn’t take my missus…Lang all huff and puff,Sze not ready. Why can’t we play 1st 80 like last 10…..only positive was htf we kept it to 1…….Carlisle must fancy their chances cos not a goal a present in this squad….


        Not one shot on target for the whole game ,says everything about that rubbish today.
        Derby won’t have an easier victory than that and but for Tickle and some very poor finishing could and should have won by a lot more.


        Recovering from Covid so couldn’t go. Doubt I’ll be there Friday either

        Doesn’t sound like I missed much?


          Let’s get things into perspective here. We played seven academy graduates today against a very experienced Derby side and still only lost 1 – 0 .We have no strength in depth and in games like today it shows.Let’s stop sniping at Sean Maloney and start getting behind him and the team. He is trying to manage with both hands tied behind his back . No resources ,transfer embargo .eight point deduction and yet we are still out of the relegation places. The aim this season is to stay in this league, we are still on track. We have a massive game on Friday let’s get right behind the boys, come on Latics !


            Well said Phoenix

            cup winnerscup winners

              I agree with the hands tied behind his back and not only that we’ve a few injuries that ain’t helping either so based on that we will struggle.
              The style of play the sideways passing and the passing for the sake of passing doesn’t help either.

              I lost count the number of times a player had 10 15 yard of space to run into but we instead passed it was scary.

              Yes Derby are an experienced side but I thought we’d only have to raise our game 10% and we’d have got something from it. Derby look ok but certainly no world beaters and after McManaman came on we looked more of a threat but that final ball !. And I’m not sure why players 15 yard out with a clear sight of the goal pass it, again it’s like we need to tap it in for 2 yard out, that’s the managers job sort that. For me this possession game play it from the back then pass pass pass does not suit us, period and Maloney needs to learn to mix it up.

              As for the Wyke situation I’m not sure wtf is going on there but that needs to be resolved. Now you can blame the lack of quality, too many young players granted but the style of play is also playing a big factor as well.

              I hope we can find one or two decent loanees in Jan or were we’ll be heading for a relegation scrap that’s for sure

              cup winnerscup winners

                Another couple of gripes while im here
                Why tf does Humphrys stand there as the second man?. Shouldn’t he be in the box or the edge of the box especially with the lack of fire power we have.
                Put Adeeko there or Smith there infact anyone bar Humphrys then we hit the corner into the box and Humphrys is stood there in no mans land no player marking him a total waste of time.
                What was his position ?? Left right midfield upfront ?. Jesus, he was all over the shop. Now if I’m a midfielder I’d like to know roughly were my forwards are “likely” to be, making runs or back to goal holding it up etc. It must so frustrating if you get the ball, look up and there’s no one there.

                Again if it’s confusing for me then I’m sure it’s the same for the players.

                We needed a focal point, someone to hold it or player on the shoulder of the defender. Too many times there was no player in the middle so we then play the 20 side to side passes.

                I just do not get Maloney’s tactics regardless of anything else. Asking a bunch of inexperienced young lads to play possesion football is a disaster waiting to happen and we’re slowly watching it unfold


                Hello Cup Winners. Two very valid posts there !
                The book definitely stops with SM and the commitment to the one style of football he plays. He needs to give his head a wobble and realise that we are in League 1 and not the Premier League.

                On the car journey home I listened to Burnley Vs Liverpool on radio Lancashire and funnily enough the commentators said that a lot of the games in the Premier League tend to be slow and boring because of the possession football mentality, whereby they are patient and wait for that one clear cut opening. They actually went on to say that the games in the Championship are often a more exciting spectacle for the fans.

                Maybe football as we knew it, is dead :cry: :cry: :cry:

                MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

                  Derby 1st half 4 free kicks in their own half….all bent into or edge of box. We had 3 in exactly same area…..all passed 10 yards sideways eventually ending up with Tickle. We all know Maloneys “hands tied” issues and yes Derby have resources but what about the other piss poor performances against sides with far lesser budgets..???..still the same. Yes we did have a plethora of inexperienced academy players yesterday against a well drilled side but again even with a more experienced team we still have produced some crap. We pass the air out the ball and we produce f### all apart from inviting the opposition to press us back to Tickle. I think potting Maloney is not for me but I can certainly understand why others desperate to avoid relegation believe its necessary. She looked nowhere near ready so what is the thinking behind sending Stones out ?…..Still raw yes but looking a bit more ready and we’re not exactly bursting with finishers. Without a doubt Friday is huge…..Wyke,Jones hopefully back and he goes at it from the off…..anything less than 3pts and things could get difficult for the manager.

                  cup winnerscup winners

                    Fcuk me it was only a few month back we broke from the back with pace on the counter defended in numbers and did the likes of Derby and Bolton.
                    Why we didn’t stick to that formula regardless of player is beyond me.

                    This yawn style football,pass don’t run with it makes no sense what so ever to me. The lack of a forward is madness.

                    We had 3-4 good opportunities to shoot from the edge of the box and you could hear 1000’s shouting SHOOT!! but we never did


                    I think people packed in shouting ‘shoot’ when one went for a throw in.


                    We played a lot better at the end of last season in the Championship; after decimation of our resources and total uncertainty about our future existence, and it was only the points deduction that killed us off. Why did we play with spirit and endeavour. Answer: we adopted the siege mentality. We need to press that same button now, before it’s too late !

                    During last season we were forced to install Robinson at the back. IMO he did an admirable job and showed determination in every game that he played. Then as reward, we loan him out this season and fill his vacant role with injury prone players or players that are not turning out to be any significant improvement.

                    Okay it’s tough; and I’m not really moaning, I’m just so bloody frustrated and I do believe that SM’s post match briefings are starting to sound like excuses. The only trouble is that this subliminally infiltrates the player’s minds to the point were losing or drawing becomes acceptable. Even the supporters expectations are beginning to wane :cry: :cry: :cry:

                    cup winnerscup winners

                      The question is, would it be any different without a transfer embargo ?. I’m sure we wouldn’t be forking out for players loans and freebie – end of contract players would still be our main source.
                      Would we pay more in wages? I reckon not much more so I personally think things wouldn’t be that much different.

                      Maloney’s hands will always be tied simply because like Martinez when he took over he’s had to endure a clearout then rebuild on peanuts.

                      More worrying to me is he preferred style of play which is currently failing big time


                      Yep, and what do you get if you pay peanuts ?
                      We all know that answer !
                      Can’t see many “quality freebies” beating the door down to sign for the Latics.


                      Knowing us we’ll sign a Big Name freebie who is happy to play a couple then sit out the rest of the season in the injury room whilst picking up his bundle.

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