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    Wound up today owing 500 grand Southend case adjourned so they can find the funds to pay. The taxman cometh expect many clubs to be in our position very soon.

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    Yes, very sad, part of our cup journeys in the past

    The EggThe Egg
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    Just another in a long list of Begbys contradictions say summat one week say summat else completely different the next.

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    These Admin firms are going to be overworked dealing with Football Clubs/Debts,
    and folding, the way things are going this season.

    Hopefully the EFL will fold as well.

    cup winnerscup winners
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    Lots of clubs were close to wall well before Covid and there’s one or two high profile clubs who are ready to have thier plug pulled.
    Covid does play a huge roll in all this but so do players and agents who’s fees and wages take a huge chunk of any clubs income.

    You only have to look at our recent wage bill which was at around £400k+ a week.
    Do I blame them ?, no, grab it while you can but reality might hit home when the Rolex and Porche end up on eBay.
    Salary cap should have been in place years ago to stem the tide of greed. So much money has left the sport all to line the pockets of greedy people who do not care about the likes of us, Macclesfield and Southend

    And as for Begbys ? who’s been worse than they have with their recent roundabout kind of threats. Had they done their job correctly and sold the club at a seriously knocked down price at the beginning then let new owners sell at the correct valuations we might actually be sat in a strong position.

    Krasner decided to car boot us for pennies via a drip feed sale then blame it on everybody else when infact they are the ones who have stopped the sale purely for greed and profit, the longer the better.
    They are not solving the problem,
    They are now the problem and the sole reason why we might go under

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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